Thursday, January 29, 2009


So this whole idea of promoting a better middle east and letting democracy reign from the euphrates to the jordan rivers and all that bushism talk has really done the region more harm than good. And it certainly does not help at all that the region and the arab and muslim street are boiling with anger right now especially after all what has been going on in Gaza.
People are becoming more extreme and more fundamental and are harboring bigger and bigger animosities and hatred to Israel/America/Western countries. Peace seems even more of long shot than it was years ago, or even a month ago before the Gaza offensive.
Even countries that had been at peace with Israel or had normal relations with it have become more and more critical.
Along the lines of that, check out Turkey's PM's response to "not being given the right to respond" to Israel's Peres over at Davos:

Also on a funnier note, check out the newest of the new fads in town, the infamous shoe:

You gotta love these guys.

I highly appreciate and respect Erdogan's actions. Kudos for somebody to finally stand up to Israeli bias.

I can't say the same about the shoe. As an art and sculpture lover, I think that thing is an abomination. However, I assure you that the imagery is not lost on me, and I can see how this is important to some Iraqis. I can however say that I am glad the ugliness is at least green. I think it was a good idea (aesthetically of course) to have trees coming out of it.


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