Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Salmonella maybe?

It seems that these pesky relations between Lebanon and Syria can't seem to come to an end. They have basically perfused every single little crevice of detail between the two countries. What should have been a totally normal and fun football game (or soccer as we call it here in americaland) turned into a tense game where accusations where flying high at the end. Apparently the Syrian team was mistreated by their Lebanese counterparts, with a few members ending up in the hospital for alleged food poisoning, which I might add was found "highly suspicious" by the Syrian modern reincarnation of Ibn Sina. Instead of the normal "rouh riyadiye" (sport spirit) we might end up with some people's rouh's, as in lives, somehow, mysteriously being lost, and again Syria of course having nothing to do with it. Although that is a very far fetched idea by any long stretch of the imagination, I wouldn't be surprised if this story puts a dent in the already strained bilateral relations.

You can find the relevant sports article at the Asian Football Federation's website at the following link:

The accusatory statements by the Syrian team can be found at the following link:

The best part about this whole debacle is that the Lebanese authorities promised a fast and full investigation. Hehe.

Does anybody else find this laughable?

I think the words Lebanese, promised, fast, full and investigation never ever belong in the same sentence, no matter what the combination.


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