Friday, January 30, 2009

Married at puberty?

There is this interesting program that is broadcast by LBCI called "Ahmar bil khat el 3areed" which roughly translates to "Red in bold font or handwriting" which is used to signify the taboo of subjects that this program ends up discussing. I don't get LBCI at my house so I unfortunately can't follow the program but I do every once in a while catch a few clips on youtube.
A recent episode was discussing the subject of homosexuality. I have not seen the entire episode, so I can't speak as to if I was favorable of the way they handled the subject or not, but a small clip available on youtube caught my attention.

You can find it here:

In this clip, a doctor (it is not apparent from the clip what kind of doctor he is) gives his opinion and solution (as if it were a problem to start off with) to the matter. So, of course there is the normal diatribe against gays: this is "shaz" or aberrant/pervert behavior, behavior that is outside the "normal" and so on and so forth.
His reasoning for the existence of homosexuality is that people in arab countries have these repressed sexual desires that they cannot fulfill with people of the opposite sex and thus end up looking at options with people of the same sex. Then he proceeds to give a solution. He postulates that the only solution is early marriage. He goes on to say that society should instate that early marriage thing as a solution. If people "knew" that they will definitely be married by the age of 20-21 then they will not even "think" of indulging in "wrong behavior" even just to "experiment" and this way you will ban them from "perversion".

Yep, that's right. Genius, why haven't people thought of this before? That's exactly how things happen. When I was growing up, sometime after puberty I had decided that marriage was too far away and that because I can't get married right away, then I should start messing around with guys, you know, just because I was sexually repressed. Maybe if my mom had assured me of marriage when I was growing up, I wouldn't have turned out to be gay. Argh, does anybody else find this stupid? I hate it when people try to shove down your throat what they think is right. Why can't people be left alone to run their own lives. How about that for a solution? Stay out of my business, and I'm sure as hell ain't getting involved in yours, especially not if you are that retard of "Dr." who still lives in the dark ages.

Equally disturbing is people's opinions on the matter. A short movie about what people would do if they found out that one of their close ones was gay is appaling. Reactions range anywhere from I'll kill them to I'll shun them. One guy had a favorable opinion and was barely broadcast for a microsecond.

The creme de la creme goes to the woman who says: allah la yjaribna, roughly translated to "may god not test us" in making one of her close ones gay. Like its a disease or something.


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