Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Do you ever wonder what your blogging/online activity trends are?

Well, I never wondered, but today has been a very slow day at work, so I clicked on "Trends" in my google reader, not even knowing what that is anyway. If you have google reader, I recommend you do that.
Apparently my peak reading times are around 1PM. And the day I read the most of my blog subscriptions is Wednesday. I wonder if that's because as the week passes by, my interest in doing work goes down, and thus I spend more time online.
This is not to say that all these things are accurate. Google reader says I have zero shared or emailed items, but I usually shower my friends with emails and links. But I have the tendency to just copy the link and send it by email, for some reason I don't trust these share/email links to send the information I want to send.
I trust email though, weird.

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