Monday, January 26, 2009

Return of the Phoenix...Returning again

As surmised before, the Rahbani brothers' "Return of the Phoenix" playing at Casino du Liban has been extended. You can buy tickets for Jan. 29, 30, 31 and Feb. 1, and the Casino du Liban site says it will be playing up until the 27th of February. (Actually, it's very possible it was not extended and that Virgin only sells tickets up to a certain date...haha, oh well, point is, it's playing longer than initially stated)

Buy tix here:

Has anyone seen it and can give us an opinion?

I know it stars Ghassan Saliba, often the star of Rahbani plays. I love his song "Watani By3arifni" or "My country knows me" to be quite literal, which you can listen to here:

Unfortunately, it's not the official video, I don't know if anyone can find it, but the official video was quite bad and involved one of the Rahbani brothers (Usama?) playing the piano on a beach and Ghassan in some odd traditional Lebanese outfit--I thought it should have been a much better touristic plug for Lebanon, but oh well, maybe they had a time/budget crunch? Meanwhile, i'll try to find the video, but you should listen to the song, its really nice.


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